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It is in 1956 that Mr.Lucio Manca and his wife Emy Manca created the BOZART brand.
The first shop BOZART opened in Milan in 1960 and it was one of the first shops in Italy exclusively specialized in fashion accessories and costume jewelry.
In the second half of sixties BOZART, first company in Italy, produced a small series of mini-dress and top in metallic mesh and introduced the concept of “Body Jewelry”, based on oversized bijoux.

Bozart Starts artistic collaborations with the most important roman fashion labels that were starting to be acknowledged internationally, and collaborates in the creation of Lancetti’s, Balestra’s and Tita Rossi’s collections
The best fashion magazines, such as Vogue Italy and Harpers Bazaar Italy, use bozart bijoux in their fashion photo shootsm taken by the rising stars of international photography such as Helmut Newton

In the 80s, following the spirit and the fashion of the time, Bozart creates one of the most important rhinestones collection of its history and of the italian fashion accessories panorama of the 80s: flashy necklace made in rhinestones, plastic and metal. These collections were immortalized by Bob Krieger in 1986, for the 30th anniversary of the brand.

In 1998, detaching itself from the minimalist trends of the time, bozart held a fashion show in Milan, completely dedicated yo body jewelry and dresses made in metal mail.
The only trace of minimalism lies in the essential design and shape of the dresses, contrasting with the opulence of the materials and the impressive number of Swarovski rhinestones.
These are the years of the massive presence of the brand in the international press and markets: Germany, France, Canada, USA, Japan, Arabian Emirates, Turkey, Greece.

In 2006 Bozart celebrates its 50 years of activity with a fashion show where jewel dresses and bijoux merge into a particular and sophisticated international image.
Fashion TV, struck by the show, decides to host Bozart shows in the parties and events held all over the world. The 2000s are the years of Body Jewelry and Jewel Dresses